Momotombo Volcano | John Seach



12.42 N, 86.54 W
summit elevation 1190 m

Momotombo volcano is located on the NW shore of Lake Managua, Nicaragua. Momotombo is perfectly symmetrical except for a somma ridge on the southern slope. Momotombo is the southern most volcano in the Matrabios chain.

Early explorers reported smoke and ash emission from the volcano. The southern flank of the volcano contains geothermal activity.

2015-16 Eruption
The first eruptions at Momotombo volcano in 110 years began on 4th December 2015. Ash reached an altitude of 8,000 m and fell on the towns of La Concha, Amancitan, Los Arcos, La Piedra, La Seiba, Lechecuagos, Chacraseca, Papalonal and Puerto Momotombo. Volcanic tremor was recorded and explosions every 4 seconds. A 6 km exclusion zone was placed around the volcano.

1974 Earthquake
A magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred near the volcano in March 1974. This was followed by an increase in fumarolic activity.

1905 Eruption
The eruption of Momotombo volcano in 1905 began at 2:30 am on 16th January. The first report of the eruption came from the Pacific mail steamer Sydney which was in port at Corinto. Great destruction of property and loss of life was reported. Smoke was seen emitting from the volcano for a year prior to the eruption. Reports described a tongue of flame rising from the summit and a jet of black smoke rising above the volcano.

Momotombo Volcano Eruptions

2015-16, 1905, 1902, 1886-87?, 1882, 1878, 1870, 1858-66, 1854, 1852, 1849, 1764, 1736, 1609?, 1605-06, 1578, 1524