Miyakejima Volcano | John Seach


Izu Islands, Japan

34.08 N, 139.53 E
summit elevation 815 m

Miyakejima is located in northern Izu Islands, about 180 km south of Tokyo. The summit contains two calderas 3.5 and 1.5 km across. Eruptions have occurred at the volcano at about 20 year intervals.

Possible eruptions in 2010
In April and July 2010 possible small eruptions occurred at Miyakejima volcano.

2000 Eruption
Volcanic activity commenced at Miyakejima on 26th June 2000 with large crustal deformation and earthquake swarms. Between 26th June and 21st July 2000 there were 17,500 earthquakes detected, including 5,480 strong enough to be felt by residents. A magnitude 6.4 earthquake on 1st July 2000 killed one person in a rockfall on Kozu-shima. An explosive eruption occurred on 7th July 2000. The island was evacuated on 1st September 2000 due to eruptive activity. The evacuation order was removed on 1st February 2005. During the period 8 July-31 August 2000, there were large phreatic eruptions, plumes up to 15 km high, pyroclastic flows, ashfalls, and a series of concentric crater collapses.

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Miyakejima Volcano Eruptions

2010, 2006, 2005, 2000-04, 1983, 1962, 1940, 1874, 1835, 1811, 1763-69, 1712-14, 1709, 1643, 1595, 1535, 1469, 1154, 1085.