Mitchell Volcano - John Seach


Central Queensland, Australia

26.0 S, 148.2 E
Lava-field province
Extinct volcano

Mitchell Volcano is located NE of Mitchell in central Queensland. The volcano contains basaltic lava flows, which follow old river courses over a distance of 120 km. Small basaltic lava caps, 350-450 m high are located about 30 km NE of Roma. There is a dyke intrusion 17 km NE of Injune.

Further Reading
Grubb, P.L.C., 1970. Mineralogy, geochemistry, and genesis of the bauxite deposits on the Gove and Mitchell Plateaux, northern Australia. Mineralium Deposita5(3), pp.248-272.

Mitchell Volcano Eruptions

21 to 24 million years ago.