Milos Volcano | John Seach



36.699 N, 24.439 E
summit elevation 751 m

The small archipelago of Milos includes the islands of Antimilos, Kimolos and Polyegos, is sited in the central part of the South Aegean volcanic arc. Milos volcano is located on the eastern part of the island. The Milos islands lie in an area of complex extensional and subduction-related tectonics.

A phreatic eruption of Milos volcano created a lahar which buried the walls of a Roman town.

Eruptions at Milos Volcano
Historic magmatic eruptions have not occurred at Milos Island. The most recent magmatic activity consisted of two large explosive phreatomagmatic eruptions that produced Trahilas and Fyriplaka tuff rings 380,000 and 90,000 years ago.

Submarine Geothermal Activity
There are four main submarine hydrothermal areas off the coast of Milos.
1) The Airport vents occur in 1–2 m water depth about 8 m offshore. The vents showed almost continuous gas discharges during 1987–97.
2) The Voudia Bay vents are located at the end of a broad bay just to the north of a small promontory.
3) The Rivari vents are located on either side of a small promontory extending from the mouth of a shallow bay.
4) Palaeochori contains numerous vents on a stretch of coast half a kilometer in long. Some vents are onshore but others occur in depths up to several metres to at least 100 m offshore.

Eruptions 80-200 AD
Explosive hydrothermal eruptions occurred in about 140 AD.

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Milos Volcano Eruptions

140 AD ± 300

Activity at Milos consists of solfatara, fumaroles, and hot springs.