Mikeno Volcano | John Seach


Democratic Republic of Congo

1.46 S, 29.42 E
summit elevation 4437 m

Mikeno volcano is located in the central Virunga ranges.

The Virunga National Park sector just south of Rumangabo is known as Mikeno. Of the estimated 700 surviving wild mountain gorillas, an estimated 72 gorillas live on Mikeno Volcano.

Rebels in DR Congo seized the Headquarters of Virunga National Park and its Gorilla Sector on 26 October 2008 after intense fighting with the Congolese army. Over 50 Rangers were forced to flee into the forests and abandon the park station, in fear of their lives. The road south of Rumangabo towards Goma, 45 km away.

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Mikeno Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.