Meager Volcano | John Seach


British Columbia, Canada

50.63 N, 123.50 W
summit elevation 2645 m
Complex volcano

Meager Volcano is located in SW British Columbia. It is the northernmost of the Cascade Range volcano which extend into northern California, USA.The volcano is located 150 km north of Vancouver.

Meager Volcano contains lava domes and lava flows.

352 BC Eruption
The Pebble Creek Formation was produced by the eruption of Mt Meager in 352 BC, the largest Holocene eruption in Canada (VEI 5). The eruption began with a Plinian phase that produced pumice fall and associated ignimbrites. The Plinian phase was followed by a less explosive phase that produced block and ash flow deposits that accumulated mainly in the Lillooet River valley. Tephra from the eruption has been found as far away as Alberta, 530 km from the volcano.

The vent from the most recent eruption is located at 1500 m elevation on northeastern shoulder of Plinth Peak, 1000 m above the floor of the Lillooet Valley.

Keyhole Falls
Cliffs of Keyhole Falls are 100 m high and are composed of welded breccia.

Meager Volcano Eruptions

352 BC