McBride Volcano | John Seach


North Queensland, Australia

18.3 S, 144.6 E
summit elevation 1020 m (Undara Crater)
Lava-field Province

McBride volcano covers an area of 1500 sq km in north Queensland. It is located 150 km SW Atherton. The most famous feature of the volcanic province is Undara Lava Tubes which form part of the longest lava flow on earth (160 km).

Notable Volcanic Features

Undara Lava Tubes

160 km long lava flow,190,000years old.
Undara crater - summit elevation 1020 m, 340 m diameter.

Mt McBride

Summit elevation 911m. Erupted 1.7 million years ago.

Kinrara Volcano

Erupted 7000 years ago. Kinara is one of the most recent volcanic eruptions in Australia.






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Volcano Eruptions

7,000 years ago. Kinrara Volcano
190,000 years ago. Undara Volcano.