Matutum Volcano | John Seach


South Cotabato Province, Mindanao, Philippines

6.37 N, 125.108 E
summit elevation 2293 m

Matutum volcano is located 30 km NNW of General Santos City. The mountain is a popular hiking destination. The volcano shows a well preserved cone shape with a summit crater 320 m wide and 120 m deep.
The crater is breached by three valleys. The crater is covered with vegetation.

The summit crater of Mt Matutum is surrounded by hills and knobs of hornblende andesite and dacite flows. Large amounts of pyroclastic material cover the southern and western flanks of the volcano. Radial drainage cuts deep gullies into
the pyroclastics.

Charred wood within the pyroclastics dated at 2000 years old, and probably represents the age of Matutum’s last eruption.

Matutum volcano is produced by the Celebes Sea subducting along the Cotabato trench. Mt Matutum is located 130 km away from the trench. Deep seismic studies show that the tip of the subducted portion of the Celebes Sea is located at a 130- km horizontal distance from the trench and at depth of no more than 75-85 km below Mt Matutum volcano.

Matutum Volcano Eruptions

"Smoke" was seen at the volcano in 1911. This may have been caused by a phreatic eruption.

1911?, 1290 ± 40 years, 170 BC ± 75, 400 BC ± 50.