Martin Volcano | John Seach



58.17 N, 155.35 W
summit elevation 1860 m

Martin volcano is situated at the SW of Katmai volcano in Katmai National Park.

Mount Martin volcano consists of a small cone and 10 overlapping coulees of blocky dacite, each 75–100 m thick, that descend northwestward for 10 km. The summit is 1860 m high, but the volcano only has local relief of 500 m due to its construction upon a high ridge of basement rocks.

Martin volcano contains a volume of 7 cubic km, of which the cone represents 5% and the lava-flow field represents 95%.

The cone of Martin volcano emits a persistent steam plume from 20 fumaroles that are precipitating sulphur in the talus northwest of a shallow lake on the floor of a 300 m wide crater.

2006 Earthquakes
An earthquake swarm began under Martin volcano on 8th January 2006. Alert level raised from green to yellow.

2004 Activity
Vigorous and nearly continuous steaming at summit crater.

2002 Activity
Large steam plume to 10,000 ft on 11th December.

1997 Activity
Unusually vigorous steaming.

1995 Activity
Steam plumes rising 2000-3000 ft over vicinity of Martin volcano.

1953 Eruption
Possible eruption, simultaneously with Trident volcano.

1951 Eruption
Ashfall at Kukak Bay on July 22 possibly from Martin volcano.

Martin Volcano Eruptions

1953?, 1951?