Markagunt Plateau Volcano | John Seach


Utah, USA

37.58 N, 112.67 W
summit elevation 2840 m
Volcanic field

The volcano consists of a group of cinder cones and lava vents on Markagunt Plateau. The youngest cones are located near Panguitch Lake in the north and Navajo Lake in the south.

Eruptions have produced basaltic piles at Miller Knoll, Cooper Knoll, and Henry Peaks, and lava streams along Duck Creek, at Bowers Flat, in Black Rock and upper Rock Creek valleys.

Volcanic activity on the eastern Markagunt Plateau began in Miocene time, continued during the Pliocene and Pleistocene, and ceased
about 1,000 years ago.

Eruption age was determined by analysing growth rings in the big gnarled junipers (scapularium) that rise from cracks in the newest lavas.

Markagunt Plateau Volcano Eruptions