Manuk Volcano | John Seach


Manuk Island, Banda Sea, Indonesia

5.53 S, 130.292 E
summit elevation 282 m

Manuk is the easternmost volcano of Indonesia. It is 750 km north of Darwin, Australia.

Manuk volcano consists of a truncated cone with a summit crater. Solfataras
are located on the west side of the crater rim and in the crater. Sulphur was mined on the island previously.

2009 Earthquake
On 24th October 2009 a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit 70 km south of Manuk volcano. The earthquake epicentre was located at 6.161°S, 130.346°E, and focus was at a depth of 138 km. The earthquake was felt in Darwin, Australia.

Eruptions are unknown at the volcano because the island was uninhabited.

Manuk Volcano Eruptions

Fumarolic activity at Manuk Volcano.