Mandalagan Volcano | John Seach


Negros Island, Negros Occidental Province, Western Visayas,

10.615 N, 123.22 E
summit elevation 1879 m

Mandalagan Volcano is located in northern Negros Island.

It is in the northern Negros volcanic arc which also contains Mt Silay (1534 m), Mt Kanlaon (2465 m). Mt Mandalagan covers (16 x 14 km) and contains seven widespread eruptive areas and at least five craters and/or calderas up to 2 km in diameter.

Current activity consists of solfatara at 11 locations. One of the solfatara is unique in the Philippines, reaches a temperature of 106C and emits a plume up to 30 m high, erupting with the noise of a wild-blowing geothermal bore-hole.

Mandalagan Volcano Eruptions

Solfatara activity.