Manda Hararo Volcano | John Seach


Afar, Ethiopia

12.17 N, 40.82 E
summit elevation 600 m
Shield volcanoes

Manda Hararo volcano is located in the Afar region of Ethiopia. The Manda Hararo Rift which is an active extensional
structure which is an active fissural basaltic field (30,000 to 200,000 years old) with locally intermediate to acidic lavas.

Manda Hararo volcano is the only emerged zone of the East African triple junction which has both depleted and enriched light rare earth element basalts.

2009 Eruption
An eruption occurred at Manda Hararo Volcano on 28th June 2009. The eruption was detected on satellite images in Karbahi graben area. Ground observations on 8th July showed a 5 km long fissure with multiple cones and lava flows.

2007 Eruption
The first historical eruption of Manda Hararo Volcano which occurred in August 2007, killed five people and resulted in 2000 evacuations. Residents of the area did not notice any signs before the eruption. The eruption was accompanied by cracking sounds, fire, and smoke. Residents evacuated and did not observe emission of lava flows. The eruption site was marked by fissures, aa and pahoehoe lava flows, spatter and scoria cones. The area of eruption was 5-7 km long and 1 km wide.

Manda Hararo volcano is located 40 km NNW of Dabbahu Volcano, which had its first historical eruption in 2005.

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Manda Hararo Volcano Eruptions

2009, 2007