Manam Volcano Eruptions - John Seach

Manam Island, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Year Manam Volcano Eruptions
1616 Volcano emitted flames and smoke.
1877 Red light flickering at summit. Three columns of smoke.
1885 Rosy glow surrounding crater. Mighty roar.
1887-88 27-28th June 1887 a violent eruption and lava flow.
1889-95 Sparks of fire and lava flows in 1889.
1898-1900 Lava flows.
1904 Column of fire at summit.
1909 Explosions and lava.
1911 Smoke and flaming fire.
1913 Several eruptions.
1917 Brief explosive eruption.
1919 Violent eruption.
1920-22 Fiery column many metres high.
1925 Strong night glow visible from mainland.
1926-28 Strombolian eruptions.
1933-34 Explosions and red glow at night.
1936-39 Numerous large paroxysms.
1946-47 Severe eruption at end of 1946.
1966 Weak rumblings and explosions.
1967 Moderate to strong ash emissions.
1968 Weak to moderate ash emissions.
1969 Explosive eruptions in March, July, August, September, October, and December.
1970 Moderate to strong explosive ash eruptions.
1971 Weak to moderate ash emissions.
1972 Moderate ash emissions.
1973 Insignificant eruptive activity.
1974 Moderate ejection of lava fragments and minor ash; lava flow. Nuee ardente.
1977 Eruptive activity from two craters.
1978 Ash emissions.
1979 Stronger incandescent eruptions.
1980 Ash emission, increased seismicity, Lava ejections.
1981 Incandescent tephra, glow, ash plume, ashfalls, Explosions and seismicity.
1982 Ash clouds, glow at main crater; increased seismicity.
1983 Ashfalls to 10 km.
1984 Pyroclastic avalanches, scoria flows; eruption columns to 5-8 km, Strombolian activity; explosion cloud to 3.5 km, Vulcanian explosions.
1985 Ash emission and seismicity.
1986 Dense ash clouds; light ashfall; roaring.
1987 Violent strombolian eruption; pyroclastic flows.
1988 Ash and incandescent tephra.
1989 Incandescent ejections and vapour release.
1990 Ash and incandescent bombs ejected.
1991 Tephra emission from two craters.
1992 Strong explosions; pyroclastic flows; lava flows to sea, 18 buildings destroyed, 10km high eruption column.
1993 Moderate eruptive activity from both craters.
1994 Ash ejections from Southern Crater up to 1,000 m above the summit, lava flow.
1995 Weak vapour emissions and crater glow.
1996 Paroxysmal eruptions on 3 December cause 13 deaths.
1997 Larger outburst on 11 February.
1998 Pyroclastic flows and lava flows.
1999 Ash emissions from both craters.
2000 Increase in activity at Southern Crater 3-4 June.
2001 Low-level ash emissions.
2002 Strombolian eruption.
2003 Ash emissions from Main Crater.
2004 Large eruptions in November and December, forced the evacuation of 9600 people. Some deaths.
2005 Large eruption on 28th January. Ash to 60,000 ft.
Volcano observatory destroyed.
2006 Large eruption on 27th February. Hundreds evacuated from island.
2007 Landslide kills 4 people in March 2007.
2009 Eruptions continue in 2009.
2012 Explosions and crater glow. Four pyroclastic flows down SE flank on 16th June
2013 Large eruption on 12th January 2013. Ash column 45,000 ft altitude.
Large eruption on 25 January 2019. Ash emission to 55,000 ft altitude.

Manam Volcano.
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