Malinao Volcano | John Seach


Albay Province, Luzon, Philippines

13.42 N, 123.59 E
summit elevation 1548 m

Malinao volcano is located North of Mayon volcano and 3 km west of Malinao town, in southern Luzon, Philippines. The volcano is surrounded by a ringplain of debris.

Deposits of Mt Malinao on the northeastern flank of the volcano indicate its eruptive style was similar to that of nearby Mayon volcano - characterised by explosive eruptions, with airfall deposits and pyroclastic flows.

Lavas at Mahnao volcano are mainly highly porphyritic andesites.

1980 Geothermal Explosion
An explosion occurred at a hot water pool at Naglabong thermal area in 1980.
One person was injured in the explosion by hot rocks and mud which were ejected 350 m from the vent.

Malinao Volcano Eruptions

Possible eruption of Malinao in 1628.