Makian Volcano | John Seach


Makian Island, Indonesia

0.32 N, 127.40 E
summit elevation 1357 m

The volcano forms an island off the west of Halmahera. There is a large crater 1.5km x 1.45 km and a small crater lake. On the western flank are four parasitic cones.

1988 Eruption
A white plume was emitted from Makian volcano on 17th July 1988. A crater glow was visible and 15,000 people evacuated to to Moti Island, 10 km N. On 29 July an eruption sent ash to a height of 8 km, and extended 100 km SW of the volcano. On 30th July, nuées ardentes reached the sea. Eruptions continued until August 1988.

1976 Evacuations
Rumors of an eruption caused an evacuation of 3,250 families from Makian Island. Earthquakes were tectonic in origin and no eruption occurred.

Further reading
Neumann van Padang, M., 1951. Catalogue of the Active Volcanoes of the World, Including Solfatara Fields, Indonesia.

Makian Volcano Eruptions

1988, 1890, 1864, 1863, 1861-62, 1860?, 1854?, 1760-61, 1646, 1550.