Madeira Volcano | John Seach


Madeira Island, Portugal

32.73 N, 16.97 W
summit elevation 1862 m
Shield volcano

Madeira volcano is located in the Madeira archipelago, 960 km SW of Lisbon, Portugal.

Madeira and the Desertas Islands form a single volcanic system consisting of two rift arms: the E-W oriented Madeira Rift Arm and the NNW-SSE oriented Desertas Rift
Arm. Desertas Islands represent the eroded remnant of a rift zone.

The most recent eruptions at Madeira lies in the west-central part of the island, and consists of cinder cones in the upper Sao Vicente valley, a series of intracanyon flows, and a tephra layer on top of the Paul da Serra plateau dated at about 6500 years ago.

Further reading
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Madeira Volcano Eruptions

4500 BC.