Lord Howe Island | John Seach



31.5 S, 159.1 E
summit elevation 875 m
Extinct volcano

Lord Howe Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean, 700km north-east of Sydney and administered by New South Wales. Parts of the island is listed as Natural World Heritage Site.

The preserve includes some 75% of the land area of Lord Howe Island and all of the offshore islands and rocks of significant size in the region. These include the Admiralty Group (immediately to the north-east of Lord Howe Island); Mutton Bird and Sail Rock (just east of the central part of Lord Howe Island); Blackburn (Rabbit) Island (in the lagoon on the western side of Lord Howe Island); Gower Island (just off the southern tip of Lord Howe Island); and Ball's Pyramid (25km south-east of Lord Howe Island), together with a number of small islands and rocks.

Lord Howe Island is the eroded remnant of a large shield volcano which erupted from the sea floor intermittently for about 500,000 years, 6.5 to 7 million years ago in the late Miocene.

The island contains the southernmost true coral reef in the world.

Lord Howe Island Eruptions

6.9 million years ago