Nevado de Longavi Volcano | John Seach



36.193 S, 71.161 W
summit elevation 3242 m

Nevado de Longavi Volcano is located in central Chile. A lava dome forms the summit. Fumarolic activity continues at the volcano. More than 80% of erupted lava is andesite.

The volcano was constructed on folded volcaniclastic strata of the Cura-Mallín Formation (Eocene to Early Miocene).

Nevado de Longaví is a relatively small, single cone volcano with a basal height 1500 m, and an estimated volume of 20 cubic km. The volcano is mainly composed of thick
andesitic flows that radiate from the summit.

Lomas Limpias sector collapse depression on the eastern flank of the volcano covers an area of 2 sq km. It is partially infilled with effusive and pyroclastic materials of Holocene age.

Eruptions at Nevado de Longavi Volcano
No historical eruptions have been recorded at the volcano. Eruptions over the past 10,000 years were explosive and the pyroclastic deposits from this phase of activity partly fill the sector-collapse depression on the east flank at headwaters of Río Blanco. Holocene activity was concentrated in the summit and eastern flank of the volcano, which has been substantially modified by pre-Holocene flank failure and collapse.

The most recent eruption at the volcano is the extrusion of a dacitic dome in the upper part of the collapse bowl and summit area. The dome partly collapsed towards the east, forming block and ash deposits with a volume of 0.12 cubic km.

Two magmatic series are present at Longaví volcano which indicates that magma
generation conditions have not been stable over time.

Further reading
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Nevado de Longavi Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.