Loloru Volcano - John Seach


Bougainville Island, North Solomons Province,
Papua New Guinea

6.52 S, 155.62 E
summit elevation 1887 m
pyroclastic shield

Loloru volcano is located in SE Bougainville Island. The volcanic complex, along with Takuan volcano, covers about 60% of the southern half of Bougainville Island. The summit consists of a 15 km long line of volcanoes. The volcano is the source of large ignimbrite deposits which cover the southern part of the island.

The summit of Loloru volcano consists of two nested calderas and a lava dome. The outer caldera is 3.5 km wide, and the inner caldera 2 km wide. The lava dome is located in the SW edge of the caldera.

1988 Thermal Activity
A thermal area on the middle NE flank of the dome emitted a 20m high plume, and droplets of sulphur were ejected.

Eruptions of Loloru are typically explosive.

Loloru Volcano Eruptions

1050 BC, 1260 BC, 2150 BC, 3150 BC, 4150 BC, 6950 BC
Central vent explosive eruptions.