Lokon-Empung Volcano | John Seach


Sulawesi, Indonesia

1.35 N, 124.79 E
summit elevation 1580 m

Lokon-Empung Volcano is located in northern Sulawesi, 15 km SSW of Manado.The volcano has two peaks (Lokon and Empung) located 2.2 km apart. The volcano is located at the southern end of the Sangihe volcanic arc, which extends from Sulawesi to Mindanao.

Lokon-Empung Volcano photos by John Seach

Lokon volcano crater, June 2017

lokon volcano
Lokon Volcano, June 2017

Lokon volcano, June 2017

Lokon volcano
Lokon volcano, June 2017

Lokon volcano evacuation route

Lokon volcano
Lokon volcano 2011 - John Seach

lokon volcano
Lokon-Empung volcano, Sulawesi Indonesia - John Seach

lokon volcano
Lokon-Empung volcano September 2011 - John Seach

lokon eruption 2011
Seismograph of Lokon volcano eruption September 2011 - John Seach

The most prominent landform is Lokon, a conical-shaped edifice which rises 1000 m above the surrounding plain and an elevation of 1580 m above sea level. Frequent activity was reported between 1350 and 1800 at Empung.

The current activity is located at Tompaluan which is a 150 m deep (300 m x 350 m) explosion pit in the saddle between Lokon and Empung. The volcano contains four eruptive centres aligned along a North 10 degrees East trend. Lokon is composed of olivine basalt flows and tephra.

2017 Activity
Activity at Lokon volcano at midday on 17th June 2017. An ash plume was visible rising a few hundred metres above the summit, and extending 10 km to the east.

2012 Eruption
Lokon volcano, Indonesia erupted on 10th February 2012. Ash emissions reached a height of 2 km. A 2.5 radius exclusion zone was placed around the volcano. The volcano was on level 3 alert (out of a maximum 4) since July 2011.

2011 Eruption
Lokon volcano was placed on the highest alert level on the 10th July 2011 due to increasing activity. Tremor was recorded at the volcano along with 20 small eruptions. Ash emissions reached a height of 500 m above the crater. A 3.5 km exclusion zone was placed around the volcano. Lokon volcano erupted on 17th July 2011 sending ash to a height of 3500 m. Ash emissions were visible from Manado. Increasing activity at the volcano forced 5000 people to evacuate.

2008 Earthquakes
A 1 km exclusion zone was placed around the crater in February 2008, following an increase in seismicity at the volcano.

2000-2003 Eruptions
In late July to September 2000, lava fountaining was observed at Tompaluan crater. An explosion occurred at Lokon on 28 January 2001. Another explosion was registered on 26th March 2001. An explosion on 18th August 2001 produced ash that reached 800 m above the crater. Higher than normal volcanic activity continued at Lokon-Empung volcano between August and December 2002, and in 2003 between 6th January and 4 May.

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Lokon-Empung Volcano Eruptions

2017, 2011-13, 2000-03, 1991-92, 1988, 1986-87, 1984?, 1975-80, 1973-74, 1971, 1969-70, 1966, 1965, 1963-64, 1962, 1961, 1958-59, 1951-53, 1949, 1942, 1930, 1893-94, 1829, 1775, 1375