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18.92 N, 155.27 W
summit elevation - 980 m
Submarine volcano

Loihi is the youngest of the Hawaiian volcanoes. It is located 35 km SE of the Big Island of Hawaii. Earthquakes are frequently measured at the volcano.

2001 Earthquake Swarm
On 10th September 2001 an earthquake swarm began at Loihi volcano.

Large Earthquake Swarm in 1996
The largest swarm of earthquakes ever recorded at a Hawaiian volcano occurred below Loihi seamount in July-August 1996, with over 4,000 earthquakes measured. On 26th September 1996 a manned submersible found hydrothermal venting on the bottom of the newly formed Pele's Pit, which was discovered on 9th August. On 2nd October a new hydrothermal vent field (Naha Vents) was found at a depth of 1325 m.

1995 Earthquakes
An earthquake swarm was measured on 27th April 1995 and consisted of 75 events.

1993 Earthquakes
Earthquakes occurred in July and October 1993.

1991 Earthquakes
An earthquake swarm near Loihi Seamount began on 19th December 1991.

1990 Earthquakes
A strong earthquake swarm occurred at Loihi between 11-19 March 1990.

1989 Earthquake Swarm
On 24th January 1989 tremor, and an earthquake swarm occurred at the volcano.

1986 Earthquake Swarm
A small earthquake swarm occurred near Loihi volcano on 20th September 1986.

1975 Earthquake Swarm
An earthquake swarm at Loihi volcano in 1975 was located along the rift axis and
summit. The swarm was smaller and of shorter duration than the one in 1971-1972 and did not trigger any earthquakes in Loihi's flank. A northward migration of epicenters occurred, possibly triggered by magma movement or migration of stress during a rift.

1971-72 Earthquake Swarms
A volcanic earthquake swarm began in September 1971, at a location 1-2 km west of Loihi's summit. A number of swarms after October 1971 occurred on the Sw flank of the volcano.

1952 Earthquake Swarm.
A major earthquake swarm occurred south of Kilauea during March and April 1952. The epicenters were about 10 km north of Loihi's summit. Thus the 1952 swarm could have occurred on Loihi or its north flank.

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Loihi Volcano Eruptions

1996, 1986, 1984-85, 1975, 1971-72, 50 BC ± 1000 yr, 5050 BC ± 1000, 7050 BC ± 1000.