Lewotolo Volcano | John Seach


Lomblen Island, Indonesia

8.27 S, 123.50 E
summit elevation 1423 m

Lewotolo volcano forms a perfect cone on the northern peninsula of Lomblen Island. There are two craters (900 m x 800 m) and (250 m x 200 m).

Potassium-rich calc-alkaline lavas from Lewotolo volcano contain the rare mineral zirconolite (CaZrTi2O7).

Historical eruptions have included explosions from the summit crater.

2012 Unrest
On 2nd January 2012 the alert status at Lewotolo volcano was raised to level 3 (out of a maximum 4). Increased volcanic tremor was recorded at the volcano on 2nd January 2012. Visually the volcano showed white emissions rising 80 m above the summit. A 2 km exclusion zone was placed around the volcano.

1996 Earthquakes
Seismicity increased at Lewotolo volcano in June 1996 when earthquakes reached a maximum of 100 per day. Epicenters were concentrated in the summit. The depths of the earthquake are less than 8 km below sea level. Some of the earthquakes are
located at very shallow depth.

1920 Eruption
A small eruption occurred in 1920.

Further reading
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Lewotolo Volcano Eruptions

1951, 1920, 1899, 1864, 1852, 1849, 1819, 1660.