Leroboleng Volcano | John Seach


Eastern Flores, Indonesia

8.358 S, 122.842 E
summit elevation 1117 m
Complex volcano

Leroboleng volcano is located on the eastern end of Flores Island. The summit of the volcano contains 29 preserved craters aligned along six fissures. Most of the craters have a diameter of 12-100 m.

2003 Eruptions
Qantas airline pilots reported an ash plume to 6000 ft on 26th June 2003. A reported eruption on 29th July 2003 lasted 10 minutes and sent an ash cloud 7.3 km high. These aviation reports were not confirmed by ground observations.

Further reading
Neumann van Padang, M., 1951. Catalogue of the Active Volcanoes of the World, Including Solfatara Fields, Indonesia.

Leroboleng Volcano Eruptions

2003, 1881, 1876, 1873