Lawu Volcano | John Seach


Central Java, Indonesia

7.625 S, 111.192 E
summit elevation 3265 m

Lawu volcano is located central Java, east of Merapi volcano.

Lawu volcano consists of an older and deeply eroded northern section, and younger eruption craters in the south. Solfatara are located at elevation of 2550 m in a deep valley on the south.

1979 Earthquake Swarm
Earthquakes began near Lawu volcano on 10th December 1978. The earthquakes were usually preceded by rumbling from the volcano. On 14-15 May 1979 over 1000 earthquakes were measured in a 24 hour period, with 50 being felt. No change was reported in volcanic activity.

Further reading
Neumann van Padang, M., 1951. Catalogue of the Active Volcanoes of the World, Including Solfatara Fields, Indonesia.

 Lawu Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions have occurred at the volcano.