Lavic Lake Volcano | John Seach


California, USA

34.75 N, 116.625 W
summit elevation 1495 m
Volcanic field

Lavic Lake is a dry lakebed (playa) locate in the Mojave desert, California.

The volcanic field consists of four cinder cones with Pisgah crater being the main feature. Pisgah Crater is a cinder and spatter cone located north of Lavic
Lake in an 80 sq km basalt flow field.

Hector Mine earthquake 1999
On 16th October 1999, the MW 7.1 Hector Mine earthquake occurred in the Mojave Desert, California, only 7 years after and 20 km away from the 1992 MW 7.3 Landers
earthquake. It is likely that the Landers earthquake triggered the Hector Mine earthquake, since the recurrence interval for M > 7 events in the Mojave Desert is predicted to be several thousand years. The Hector Mine earthquake was located about 10 km SSE of Lavic lake. The Lavic Lake fault had not been mapped before the Hector Mine earthquake, ruptured across Lavic Lake in a series of left-stepping compressional jogs.

Lavic Lake Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.