Lautaro Volcano | John Seach



49.02 S, 73.55 W
summit elevation 3380 m

Lautaro volcano is located in southern Chile. The volcano contains a crater just below its summit on the NW side, and a 1km wide crater on the NE flank. Lautaro volcano is the highest peak of the Southern Patagonian Ice-field.

The volcano is deeply glaciated and rises 1000 m from the surrounding terrain. Lautaro is a relatively large stratovolcano for the Chilean Patagonia, and it developed in a relatively short period of time in comparison with Hudson volcano.

Volcanic activity began at Lautaro volcano 170,000 years ago and has continued to the present.

Further reading
Mayr, Christoph, et al. "Historical eruptions of Lautaro Volcano and their impacts on lacustrine ecosystems in southern Argentina." Journal of paleolimnology 62.2 (2019): 205-221.

Lautaro Volcano Eruptions

1979, 1978, 1972, 1961, 1959, 1945, 1933, 1876.