The Largest Volcanic Eruptions
in the past 250 Years


The size of volcanic eruptions is determined by the amount of lava emitted. The largest eruption over the past 2 centuries was Tambora in Indonesia in 1815.

Laki fissure, Iceland 1783
Tambora, Indonesia 1815
Cosiguina, Nicaragua 1835
Askja, Iceland 1875
Krakatau, Indonesia 1883
Tarawera, New Zealand 1886
Santa Maria, Guatemala 1902
Ksudach, Kamchatka 1907
Katmai, Alaska, USA 1912
Agung, Indonesia 1963
St. Helens, USA 1980
El Chichón, Mexico 1982
Pinatubo, Philippines 1991
Chaiten, Chile 2008

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