Lanín Volcano | John Seach



39.633 S, 71.500 W
summit elevation 3774 m

Lanin is a large historically inactive stratovolcano located approximately 45 km southeast of Villarrica volcano, Chile.

Rock samples from the volcano consist of basalt and andesite. Most activity at Lanin volcano has come from central vent eruptions.

The most recent eruption 2200 years ago produced small lava dome at the summit, and a blocky lava flow to the north.

Further reading
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Lanín Volcano Eruptions

560 AD ± 150 years, 400 AD ± 150, 90 AD ± 300, 80 BC ± 200, 220 BC ± 200, 590 BC ± 200, 6340 BC ± 200, 9240 BC ± 500.