Kverkfjöll Volcano | John Seach


Ogress Mountains, Iceland

64.65 N, 16.72 W
summit elevation 1920 m

Kverkfjöll volcano is located NE of Vatnajökull icecap. The volcano forms the easternmost segment of the North Iceland Volcanic Zone. Eruptions at Kverkfjöll volcano are subglacial.

The proglacial area called Kverkfjallarani contains a series of parallel volcanic pillow-hyaloclastite ridges, about 100 m high and several kilometres long.

Eruption of Pillow lava
During the last major glaciation in Iceland, basalt pillows lavas were erupted during
six different subglacial fissure eruptions in the rift zone associated with the Kverkfjöll volcanic centre. Observations indicate pillow accumulation rates of at least
5 m/day during the eruption of the Virkisfell pillow ridge.

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Kverkfjöll Volcano Eruptions

1968, 1959, 1929, 1729, 1655.