Kuttara Volcano | John Seach


Hokkaido, Japan

42.50 N, 141.18 E
summit elevation 581 m

Kuttara Volcano is located in southern Hokkaido, Japan. The volcano consists of a somma, pyroclastic flow plateau, a lava dome, and an explosion crater. The somma has a 3 km wide caldera at the center.

Jigokudani (Hell valley) is a 450 m diameter crater with red walls. Noboribetsu has 11 types of springs and is located at the crater. Oyunuma is a sulphurous pond located in the valley.

Intense thermal activity includes fumaroles and geysers at Jigoku-dani and Noboribetsu Spa.

Caldera forming eruption (40 ka)
A caldera forming eruption occurred 40,000 years ago. The eruption ejected large quantities of pumice and ash.

Kuttara Volcano Eruptions

1820, 8050 BC