Kula Volcano | John Seach



38.58 N, 28.52 E
summit elevation 750 m
Cinder cones

Kula Volcano is located in western Turkey. The volcano consists of cinder cones and maars. The dates of the most recent eruptions are not known.

Kula Volcanic Province is located on the north flank of an NNW-SSE trending graben, at the point where the graben bends slightly towards the south.

Lavas at Kula Volcanic Province are basanites, tephrites and phono-tephrites. All the lavas are volatile-rich, with abundant vesicular tephra, bread-crust bombs and hornitos forming during eruption. The geochemical characteristics of the Kula lavas suggest a contribution from two mantle sources.

The magma volume erupted in the Kula Volcanic Province is small, and indicates a small degree to which the crust was stretched in this region.

Kula Volcano Eruptions

Undated eruptions.