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63.93 N, 22.10 W
summit elevation 379 m
crater rows

Krísuvík Volcano is located in SW Iceland, west of lake Kleifarvatn. It consists of crater rows and small shield volcanoes. Krisuvík volcano, Iceland has a large geothermal field and varied volcanic phenomena. It contains two volcanic ridges of 15 and 25 km length and 1-2 km width. Krisuvík possibly contains a buried central volcano. Geothermal areas at Krísuvík Volcano, Iceland extend over about 50-60 square km which coincides with a possible buried caldera.

The largest crater at Krísuvík Volcano, Iceland is called Graenvatn, and is 300 m in diameter and 44 m deep. Lake Kleifarvatn dominates the Krísuvík Valley. Krísuvík volcano shows past evidence of both effusive and explosive subglacial eruptions.

2022 Eruption
An effusive eruption began at  Krísuvík Volcano on 3 August 2022.

2021 Eruption
Eruption begins at Krísuvík Volcano Iceland on 20 March 2021. The eruption is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, 24 km SSW of Reykjavík. Emissions reached an altitude of 16,000 ft and orange sky glow indicates lava has reached the surface. Eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula occur approximately every 1000 years over the past 7000 years.

2011-12 Earthquake swarm
In February 2011 a seismic swarm occurred at Krísuvík volcano. Eight earthquakes were larger than magnitude exceeding 3, and some felt in the capital of Iceland Reykjavík. The largest earthquake was magnitude M 4.2 occurred on the 27 February 2012 and was located west of lake Kleifarvatn.

Deformation at the volcano
Inflation and deflation episodes were measured at Krisuvik volcanic system in 2009-2010.

1188 Eruption
A large eruption occurred from the Ogmundargigar crater row in 1188.

Further reading
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Krísuvík Volcano Eruptions

2022, 2021, 1340?, 1325?, 1188?, 1151, 1075 ± 75, 900 AD?, 190 BC ± 75, 1060 BC ± 75, 5290 BC ± 150