Korath Range Volcano | John Seach



5.10 N, 35.88 E
summit elevation 912 m
Tuff cones

Korath Range is located in SW Ethiopia near the border with Kenya. The range consists of 20 tuff cones and associated lava flows which have traveled up to 5 km.

The tuff cones of the Korath Range fall on a line which is possibly extends north from Central and North Islands in Lake Turkana.

Lava flows extend mostly from the base of tuff cones. One lava flow was erupted from a vent directly in the center of a crater, and flowed eastward through its breached rim and has a radiocarbon date of 7900 years.

All of the lava flows are blocky and extend up to 5 km in length and 9 m in thickness.

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Korath Range Volcano Eruptions

7900 years ago.