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8.8 N, 39.69 E
summit elevation 1619 m

Kone Volcano is located about 50 km SW of Fentale volcano in central Ethiopia.

The Garibaldi Complex is one of a chain of predominantly silicic volcanic cones along the centre of the Main Ethiopian Rift, which form part of the Pleistocene-Recent Aden Series.

Kone covers an area of 250 sq km at the northern end of the Ethiopian, near the junction with the Afar depression. It is about 160 km east of Addis Ababa and about 30 km southwest of Fantale volcano.

Pumice deposits are widespread in the Complex, and vary in thickness from 50 centimetres to over 20 metres.

Two distinct sets of faults exist at Kone volcano.
1) normal faults trending NNE form part of the Wonji, Fault Belt.
2) ring fractures along which caldera collapse has occurred.
Both types have been active throughout the history of the volcano.

The earlier calderas are usually incomplete and represented only by an arcuate fault crossing the regional trend. In some cases they even lack topographic expression and can only be recognized by disruption of the ignimbrite sheets. Most of the calderas are elliptical in shape with the short axis approximately parallel to the northsouth trend of the Wonji Fault Belt. Caldera diameters vary from 1.5 to 5 km.

Eruptions at Kone Volcano
Three silicic eruptive episodes have occurred at Kone volcano, followed by a basaltic phase.

The first eruptive phase was from a vent to the north of the present outcrops, and has now been covered by the collapse of a caldera after eruption ceased. The second phase of activity was concentrated to the north of the earlier lavas to form the Main Cone of the Complex. The third silicic eruptive phase built a cone within
caldera 6. Basaltic eruptions were small, producing short flows to the north and south of the caldera.

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Kone Volcano Eruptions