Komaga-take Volcano - John Seach


Hokkaido, Japan

42.07 N, 140.68 E
summit elevation 1140 m

Komaga-take volcano is located on the Oshima Peninsula of southern Hokkaido, Japan. The volcano is noted for Plinian eruptions.

2000 Eruptions
Small eruptions were recorded at Komaga-take Volcano on 4th and 18th September 2000.

1998 Eruption
A small phreatic eruption occurred on 25th October 1998. Ash was ejected to a height of 1200 m above the crater.

1996 Eruption
A phreatic eruption occurred on 5th March 1996. Ash fell over 10 km from the summit. Eruptions occurred from the 1929 crater. The mass of tephra erupted in this event was estimated at about 25,000 tons.

1929 Eruption
A plinian eruption occurred in 1929 produced pumice fall and pumice flow. Less-viscous mixed magma erupted first, followed by highly viscous silicic magma.

1640 Eruption
After a long repose of about 5100 years the eruption began with a catastrophic collapse of the summit followed by a large Plinian eruption. It was the largest eruption in Japan during historical times and caused 700 fatalities.

Komaga-take Volcano Eruptions

2000, 1998, 1996, 1942, 1937, 1935?, 1929, 1928?, 1924, 1923, 1922,
1919,1905,1888, 1856,1784, 1765, 1710?, 1694, 1640.