Koa'e Fault, Kilauea Volcano - John Seach

The Koa'e fault system joins the SW rift zone with East rift zone on Kilauea volcano. The Koa'e fault system is 12 km long and 2 km wide. It contains large ground cracks and spectacular fault scarps. Not many eruptions have occurred from the Koa'e fault system, or if they have, they are obscured by more recent lava flows. The Koa'e fault system is still active and represents rifting of Kilauea volcano seaward. The Koa`e fault system is an infrequently visited area, crossed only by the Hilina Pali Road between the Chain of Craters Road and Kulanaokuaiki Pali. The fault system can be viewed as a noneruptive continuation of the east rift zone.

There are two places where Koa'e Fault system is easily observed.

Chain of Craters Road
 Koa'e fault scarp can be observed near Hi'iaka Crater, 2.3 miles down the chain of craters road. The fault line is located 100 m SW of the Hi'iaka pullout.

Hilina Pali Road
 The first 3.5 miles of Hilina Pali road contains the best examples of the Koa'e fault system.