Kieyo Volcano | John Seach


(Kyejo, Kiejo)

9.23 S, 33.78 E
summit elevation 2175 m

Kieyo is the southernmost active volcano in Africa. It is located 36 km NW of lake Malawi, west of the Kipengere Range. Kieyo stratovolcano contains maars and cinder cones. Hot springs are located at the volcano. Soils at Kieyo volcano are rich in Si. The summit of Kieyo volcano rises 600-700 m above its base.

The most recent eruptions at the volcano occurred at two parasitic cones and a fracture. Lava flows travelled 8 km and reached several villages. Eruptions at Kieyo volcano are more effusive than nearby Ngozi or Rungwe. The oldest lava flows at Kieyo are 420,000 years ago.

Further reading
Crabtree and Chesworth 1992, Rift related magmatism and the petrogenesis of lavas from the Kiejo eruptive, Rungwe Volcanic Province, SW Tanzania. In book Basement Tectonics (Springer) p 71-82.

Kieyo Volcano Eruptions

Possible eruption in 1800.