Kerguelen Volcano | John Seach


Grande Terre, Archipel des Kerguelen,
French Southern and Antarctic Lands, South Indian Ocean

49.58 S, 69.50 E
summit elevation 1850 m

Kerguelen Archipelago is located in the southern Indian Ocean. It consists of the main island, Grande Terre, and about 300 smaller islands, covering an area of 5000 sq km. The islands are part of a submarine ridge which contains Kerguelen Island in the NE and Heard and McDonald Islands in SE.

The islands were discovered by French navigator Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen de Trémarec in February 1772.

Two volcanic cones are Mt Richards and Mt Ross. Fumaroles and hot springs are currently found on the island.

Mount Ross (1850 m)
Mt Ross is the youngest (< 1 Ma) and largest volcanic centre on Kerguelen Island. The peak was built on flood basalts which cover 85 % of the archipelago. Mt Ross is almost circular, with steep slopes, a diameter of 16 km, and a central depression, 4·5 km in diameter. The volcano flanks contain flows of trachyandesite and basaltic trachyandesite. Mt Ross erupted in two stages, a basaltic phase (2-4 Ma) and a trachytic stage ( <0·5 Ma).

Kerguelen Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.