Kelimutu Volcano | John Seach


(Keli Mutu)
Central Flores, Indonesia

8.75 S, 121.83 E
summit elevation 1640 m
complex volcano

Kelimutu volcano is located in central Flores, Indonesia. Keli Mutu contains acid–saline volcanic lakes of a stable jet type, whose colour fluctuates between “reduced” (dark green) and “oxidized” (blood red) depending on the season. During the dry season reduction occurs and Ba, Cu, and As minerals precipitate, and in the wet season oxidation occurs producing a precipitate of suspended ferric oxide.

1995 Fatality
A tourist died after falling into Tiwu Nua Muri Kooh Tai lake. Searchers lowered themselves into the crater using ropes, and breathed portable oxygen due to hazardous gas emissions. The lake pH was 0.5 and minor bubbling was observed at the lake surface.

1993 Earthquakes
Increased seismic activity was recorded between February-April 1993, with 318 deep and 196 shallow earthquakes.

1986 Unrest
Kelimutu volcano showed signs of unrest in 1986 with increased gas bubbling on 27th April and a felt earthquake on 28th April.

Further reading
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Kelimutu Volcano Eruptions

1968, 1938, 1865