Kasatochi Volcano - John Seach


Aleutian Islands, Alaska

52.18 N, 175.50 W
summit elevation 314 m

Kasatochi is a small island volcano with diameter 2.7 x 3.3 km. It is located in western Aleutian arc, and is the summit of a mainly submarine volcano.

2008 Eruptions
Kasatochi volcano erupted without warning on 7th August 2008. This was the first confirmed eruption at the volcano since 1760
. On 7th August three eruptions occurred at Kasatochi volcano is Alaska. Highest ash emissions reached 45,000 ft and drifted 1,850 km ESE. The eruption was preceded a few days by increasing seismicity. On 8th August emissions reached 45,000 ft and the plume extended 950 km. On 10-11 August 2008, eruptions from Kasatochi volcano caused the cancellation of some flights from Alaska to the west coast of USA. Two biologists were rescued by a charter boat captain only hours prior to the 7 August eruptions.

Phytoplankton bloom
The 2008 eruption of Kasatochi volcano produced a large phytoplankton bloom in the subarctic NE Pacific. The eruption fertilized the ocean by providing iron to the normally iron poor waters. Laboratory experiments have confirmed that iron is released within hours of volcanic ash being mixed with sea water.

1760 Eruption
An eruption in 1760 produced a lava flow.

Kasatochi Volcano Eruptions

2008, 1899?, 1828?, 1827?, 1760