Kanawinka Global Geopark - John Seach


Newer Volcanics Province
Victoria and South Australia

Kanawinka Global Geopark was approved by UNESCO in 2008. It is the first Geopark in Australiia and covers 51 sites over an area of 26,910 square kilometres.

Volcanic features in the park include the following:

Red Rock
South of the township of Alvie, up to 30 eruption centres have been identified over an area of 4 km by 3 km. Volcanic lakes include Purdiguluc, Werewrap and Coragulac.

Lake Bullen Merri
This 490 Ha volcanic lake is located near the town of Camperdown.

Mount Leura
This is a maar and tuff ring with a 100 m deep crater.

Other volcanic features in the geopark include, Mount Sugarloaf, Lake Purrumbete, Mount Elephant, Byaduk Caves, Mount Napier, Mount Rouse, Tower Hill, Lady Julia Percy Island, Mount Eccles, Mt Gambier crater lakes, Mount Schank, and Mount Burr Range.


2900 BC 150 years (Mt Gambier)
3000 BC ± 500 years (Mt Schank)
5290 BC (Mt Napier)
5850 BC? (Red Rock)