Kanaga Volcano | John Seach


Aleutian Islands, Alaska

51.92 N, 177. 17 W
summit elevation 1307 m

Kanaga volcano is located in northern of Kanaga Island in the western Aleutian islands. Kanaga Island is part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

The volcano summit contains a small, circular crater 200 meters in diameter and 50-70 meters deep. Fumaroles are located in the crater and around the crater rim.

Glacial ice is not present on the volcano or on other parts of Kanaga Island, but in winter there is substantial amounts of snow.

Kanaga Edifice Failure
Southeast of Kanaga volcano is Mount Kanaton, an ancestral volcano destroyed by structural collapse. The ancient volcano had a basal diameter of 13 km, an elevation of 2.3 km above sea level, and a volume of at least 75 cubic km. About 25 cubic km was removed by gravity-driven structural collapse more than 199,000 years ago.

1993-95 Eruptions
Eruptions were observed on 29th December 1993 with low-level activity noted by observers in the village of Adak. On 21st February 1994 emissions emissions reached a height of 7.5 km. On 20th August 1994 ashfall was reported in the Adak village. On 20-21 August 1994 eruptions disrupted flights due to ash emissions and poor visibility.

1906 Eruption
An eruption was witnessed by a hunter on the island in 1906. Earthquakes were felt and lava flowed down the east and west sides of the cone.

1904 Eruption
The 1904 eruption of Kanaga volcano was poorly recorded. A lava flow was probably erupted on the northeast flank of the volcano.

Kanaga Volcano Eruptions

1993-95, 1942, 1933, 1906, 1904, 1829?, 1791?, 1790?, 1783-87?, 1768, 1763