Kaikohe-Bay of Islands Volcano | John Seach


North Island, New Zealand

35.30 S, 173.90 E
summit elevation 388 m
Volcanic Field

Kaikohe-Bay of Islands volcano is the northern most volcano in New Zealand, 190 km NNW of Auckland.

The volcanic filed extends from the Kawakawa valley northward to Matauri Bay and from Kaikohe eastward to the Bay of Islands. The northern Bay of Islands plateau extends from Kaikohe north to Matauri Bay, and comprises the largest volume of lava. Eruptions at the plateau occurred 2-5 million years ago, and formed flows 2-5 m thick.

At least 20 eruptive centres occur in the field. The most recent eruption produced explosions and lava flows from four scoria cones at Te Puke.

Further reading
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Kaikohe-Bay of Islands Volcano Eruptions

1300-1800 years ago.