Kadovar Volcano | John Seach


East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

3.62 S, 144.62 E
summit elevation 365 m

Kadovar volcano is an island located 25km north of the entrance to the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea.

Kadovar contains a 1 km wide breached crater, which is an avalanche amphitheatre. Its rim drops steeply into the sea.

2018 Eruption
An eruption of Kadovar volcano began on 5th January 2018. Pyroclastics covered more than half the island. Ash emissions reached 7000 ft altitude, and ashfall was reported more than 140 km away. Residents of Kadovar evacuated to Blup Blup, 10 km away. On 9th February 2018 a collapse of the lava dome caused six small tsunamis.

1981 Thermal Activity
An area of orange discolouration of the sea at the NE shore was observed during aerial inspections on 6th and 19th March 1981.

1976 Fumarolic Activity
All residents of Kadovar were evacuated to Blupblup Island in 1976, after an increase in fumarolic activity, and possible gas emission offshore. The volcano showed signs of possible eruption. There was an increase in HCl and SO2 emissions which had a maximum temperature of 100 deg C. A decline in sulphate and chloride concentrations of gas condensates occurred in late 1977.

1700 Eruption
A report of smoke at the volcano indicated a possible eruption.

Kadovar Volcano Eruptions

2018, 1700?