Jolo Volcano | John Seach


(Also called Bud Dajo)
Jolo Island, Sulu Province, Philippines

5.95 N, 121.07 E
summit elevation 440 m
pyroclastic cone

Jolo volcano is located in the central Sulu arc, southern Philippines, 190 km NE of Sabah, Malaysia.

The volcano contains Panamao lake. No signs of activity were detected during surveys in 1990's. The last eruption was possibly phreatic in nature. Jolo Island is almost completely covered with volcanic material.

Geology Of Jolo Island
Jolo lavas belong either to a basaltic andesite group, which is compositionally similar to Zamboanga Arc lavas from the eastern Sulu Arc, or to a high-K, calc-alkalic basalt group, which is more primitive.

Jolo Volcano Eruptions

1897, 1641