Jingpohu Volcano | John Seach


(Jingbo, Ching-pe, or Chingpohu)

Heilongjiang Province, China

44.08 N, 128.83 E
summit elevation 500 m
Volcanic field

Jingpohu volcano is located 180 km NE of Jilin, China, in the “Crater Forest” and “Frog Pool” areas along the northwest side of Jingpohu Lake.

Lava from the volcano blocked Mudan River and formed Jingpohu Lake.

Geology of Jingpohu volcano
Jingpohu Holocene basaltic rocks consist of basanites, alkali olivine basalts and tephrites. Holocene alkali basaltic rocks from Jingpohu probably originate from asthenosphere, rather than a mantle source, like the Hawaiian volcanoes.

Further reading
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Jingpohu Volcano Eruptions

3400 BC, 6300 BC