Jailolo Volcano - John Seach


Halmahera, Indonesia

1.08 N, 127.42 E
summit elevation 1130 m

Jailolo volcano is located on the NW coast of Halmahera, Indonesia.

The volcano consists of Jailolo stratovolcano in the centre of the complex, a 1.6 km diameter caldera (Idamdehe) in the west, and small calderas west and SW of Jailolo.

Kailupa cone forms a small volcanic island off the southern coast of the peninsula. Lava flows extend east of Jailolo stratovolcano. Hot springs are located on the NW coast of the caldera.

2013 Earthquake
A magnitude 5.4 earthquake hit 5 km northeast of Jailolo volcano on January 6 2013. The focus was at depth of 150 km.

1883 Activity
Hot mudflows occurred at Jailolo in 1883.

Jailolo Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.