Izumbwe-Mpoli Volcano | John Seach



8.93 S, 33.40 E
summit elevation 1568 m
Pyroclastic cones

Izumbwe-Mpoli volcano is located in SW Tanzania on the Poroto Ridge. It is in the southern highlands between lakes Nyasa and Rukwa. Izumbwe and Mpoli are two melanephelinite pyroclastic cones.

Maji Moto hot springs are located north of the town of Nanyala.

Songwe River Thermal Area
NW of Izumbwe-Mpoli volcano is Songwe River thermal area. It is located 90 km NW of Kilambo hot springs, and close to Songwe River. It is the most impressive geothermal area in Tanzania. Thermal springs discharge hot Na-bicarbonate water between 50 to 80ºC, often together with CO2 emissions.

Further reading
Delvaux, Damien, et al. "Surface Exploration of a Viable Geothermal Resource in Mbeya Area, Sw Tanzania. Part I: Geology of the Ngozi-Songwe Geothermal System." (2010).

Izumbwe-Mpoli Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.