Harrat Ithnayn Volcano | John Seach


Ha'il Province, Saudi Arabia

26.58 N, 40.20 E
summit elevation 1625 m
Volcanic field

Harrat Ithnayn Volcano is located in central northern Saudi Arabia. The volcano contains shield volcanoes and scoria cones.

Three coalesced basaltic lava fields, Harats Khaybar, Ithnayn, and Kura comprise the largest contiguous area of Cenozoic basalt in Saudi Arabia. It is similar in extent (20,564 sq km) to Harrat Rahat, located 25 km south.

Eruptions at Harrat Ithnayn
Volcanic activity began at Harrat Ithnayn Volcano 3 million years ago and has continued up to the present. The vents at Harrat Ithnayn are more scattered (3988 sq km) than Harat Khaybar. Exposed central vents at the volcano are well preserved and consist of scoria cones. The cones are typically 100 m high and are exposed on the side which emitted lava.

Kahf Al Shuwaymis Lava Tube (Shuwaymis Cave)
This cave is located at the base of Hazim Al Khadra Volcano in Harrat Ithnayn, 240 km north-northeast of Medina. The cave is 530 m long. The entrance is a collapse hole 15 m in diameter overlooking the floor of a horizontal passage 5 m below. The cave contains fumaroles.

Further reading
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Harrat Ithnayn Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions in the past 1500 years.